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Run commands across different package managers

$npm rundev$pnpmdev$yarndev
$ px dev

How it works?

There are multiple JavaScript runtimes and package managers nowadays, and it's common to see developers using more than one in a daily basis.

Instead of switching tools when working on different projects, px allows you to run the same command across different package managers. It detects the package manager in use and runs the command for you!

Install TypeScript declarations

In TypeScript projects you always need to install the types for the packages you are using. This is required so TypeScript can understand the package and provide you with a better DX.

Instead of installing the TypeScript declarations manually, px allows you to install them with a single command. It detects if a package has a TypeScript declaration package and it automatically installs it for you!

$pnpm ibcryptjs$pnpm i-D @types/bcryptjs
$ px install bcryptjs

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